"Kostas Kouvidis" Scholarship

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Music for Kostas

Contains music tracks composed for and dedicated to Kostas.

You are what U do - Hard Groove Quartet

Music by 4hardgroove. Lyrics by Panagiotis Skraparlis. From the album "Rewind" - 2013.

Hard Groove Quartet
Nick Vargiamidis - drums
Dimitris Gialamas - bass
Charis Kapetanakis - saxs
Dimitris Aggelakis - keys
George Perin - vocals

You are what U do

Kostas Kouvidis - Greg Foster & Bobby Watson Sextet

Live performance: Greg Foster & Bobby Watson Sextet. Recorded at Half Note Jazz Club - Athens January 10, 2008.

Poem: G.Μ. Foster
Music: Curtis Lundy.

Bobby Watson Sextet
Bobby Watson - alto sax
Loren Thomas - trumpet
Harold O’Neal - piano
Warren Wolfe - vibraphone
Curtis Lundy - bass
Quincy Davis - drums

kostas Kouvidis

Kostas Kouvidis

Tree in the desert - Paris Strother

Composed and Arrangend by Paris Strother. "A dedication for the person who changed my life, believed in me, taught me how to be a great musician, friend and person. To Kostas, who called me the tree in his desert, and whose music and thoughts will continue to be a lifetime inspiration for me. For the person who taught me that “You are what you do, not what you think you are”. For Kostas Kouvidis, one of the best friends, drummers, and kind-spirits I have ever known".

Paris Strother - piano/keys / bck vox,
Sean Erick - trumpet
Josh Connelly - guitar,
Anita Bias - vocals
Christopher Smith - bass,
Kevin Washington - drums / percussion

tree in the desert 2

Tree in the desert

Crete - Maria Manoussaki

From the album "From the South to the Moon" - Maria Manoussaki "in memory of Kostas Kouvidis".

Maria Manousaki - Violins,
Irina Chirkova - Chello
Petros Kourtis - percussion,
Theodoris Chiotis - percussion
Kostas kopanaris - percussion



Crystal Suite - Yannis Kassetas & The Funk Wizards

Dedicated to Kostas Kouvidis. Composed and arranged by Yannis Kassetas. Included int he album: The Truth About the Allien Invasion in Egypt. Yiannis Kassetas & The Funk Wizards. Kostas Kouvidis was the ex drummer of the FW.

Yiannis Kassetas - saxes, piano, Rhodes,
Manos Loutas - bass
Apostolos Leventopoulos - guitar,
Alexander Drakos Ktistakis - drums

crystal suite

Crystal suite

Kostakis - Jazz Frquency Septet

Composed and Arrangmend by Yannis Oekonomides. Jazz Frequency Septet. Recorded Live: 1st International Jazz Meeting Kostas Kouvidis 2008. Dedicated to Kostas kouvidis.

Jazz Frequency Septet
Y. Oekonomides - trumpet,
H. Kapetanakis - sax,
O. Chaly - keys,
M. Stefanidis - guitar,
D. Gialamas - bass,
L. Tzimkas - bass,
N. Vargiamidis - drums



Σκληρός Πυρήνας - Mc Yinka

From the album "ΑΛΑΝΑ" - MC YINKA. EMI 2009 "Σκληρός Πυρήνας" Lyrics: Mc Yinka, Composition: Kostas Kouvidis, Mc Yinka, Hristos Theophilopoulos

Mc Yinka - vocals
Hristos Theophilopoulos - keys
Mc Yinka - bass
Andreas Polyzogopoulos - trumpet
Serafeim Giannakopoulos - drums

skliros pirinas

Skliros Pirinas

Sweet life - Zoe Tiganouria

"I devote this song to the memory of the amazing drummer and friend, Kostantis Kouvidis". Zoe Tiganouria Composer and Acordeonist. Included in the album "Deligianeio Parthenagogio".

Zoe Tiganouria - acordeon,
D. Hristopoulos - bass,
T. Kopetanos - piano,
G. Panayiotopoulos - violin,
M. Porfyris - cello,
E. Sdoukos - viola,
S. Kakos - horn.

sweet life

Sweet life